Course Overview

STUFF. It’s everywhere. Lurking in corners and closets, spilling onto counters and coffee tables, creating havoc everywhere we look. And it’s not just the physical clutter that weighs us down. Oh no, it is the stress of overbooked schedules, and the weight of a life that sometimes feels oppressive and totally out of whack.

Have you ever wished you could get rid of all the STUFF weighing you down, once and for all? Do you long to find balance and order? Are you unsure of where to even begin?

Ruth Soukup feels your pain—she has been there too. Through personal stories, Biblical truth, and practical action plans, she will inspire and empower you to finally declutter not you’re your home, but your minds and soul as well. Unstuffed is real, honest, and gets right down to the question we are all facing—how can we take back our lives from the stuff that is weighing us down?

These Unstuffed resources are free with the purchase of the UNSTUFFED book.

In This Course, Together We Will…

Recognize the pitfalls of an overstuffed schedule and learn to combat the culture of busy that keeps us running from one thing to the next.
Create a comprehensive vision for our homes, and make instant changes to improve its overall function.
Overcome the frustration of dealing with our kids’ influx of stuff and implement practical solutions for keeping the chaos at bay.
Discover that more closet space is not the solution, and instead learn how to set strict limits for the stuff we bring in.
Cultivate our real friendships while eliminating toxic relationships that weigh us down.
Learn to embrace the moments that matter most, and to eliminate the unnecessary in order to find our true calling.